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"Yup shame on them. But they are only 2%. That means 98% of our ?moral leaders? aren?t inflicted by the disease and sin of pedophilia. It means sin is a reality and most of us among the Church aren?t sanctified to sainthood. So the fact that you?re too ignorant to understand pedophiles are hidden anywhere in the world is a shame on you. This entire conversation is assinine if you want to strawman the ENTIRE CHURCH for the crimes of the rotten apples. I mention where? the pedophile rate is higher because guess what... no one cares. No one cares about teachers raping. They only care about the 2% of preists. You know what that?s called? Bigotry. In a world where most murders are committed by white men and you focus on the minority of murders committed by black men is called racist. So take your pedophile bigotry somewhere else."

" The Man grabbed Sherry's hair and twisted. She was around 5' 6" and I would guess 110 lbs. Max watched as two men stripped Sue totally naked.

Affect 3D Lesbian

Affect 3D Lesbian

"I'm not surprised," Tracy replied as she continued to bounce up and down on my boner. I knew she was going to make me cum, in a way I had never cum before.

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Amateur straight guya

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Gardakora 11 months ago
Is that ALL you do? The news is always chaos. Try getting outside or visiting the US. Not chaos.
Nejin 11 months ago
How can we claim to know what Jesus meant if we don't know what he said?
Akisida 11 months ago
Great, many thanks for the assistance. You must have unlimited patience.
Guktilar 11 months ago
Geez, don't get your pantyhose in a bunch.
Zulkira 10 months ago
Why is it a bad thing to be "boy scout like"?
Yozshuzahn 10 months ago
As an atheist, I don't really have any faith in any god or gods.
Kagagami 10 months ago
Mmmmmmmmm and better
Meztikree 10 months ago
Waking up to reality and turfing out archaic superstition.
Mezizilkree 9 months ago
??. You?re an imbecile
Douzragore 9 months ago
Yes that's good. Yes this is charity organization it's supposed to be fun and fufilling. I agree.
Daijin 9 months ago
No, it doesn't. You are simply making it up...
Gataur 9 months ago
I respect your right to believe that.
Goltijinn 9 months ago
All of those, Libya, Syria and Ukraine were billed as an organic revolution when they were most certainly not. What makes you think Iran is not under the CIA's influence?
Tojalkree 8 months ago
Multiple democrats said that obama was born in Kenya. 2 of them printed it. Once on his own book!
Amateur straight guya

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