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Brace cast fetish fetish medical orthopedic traction

Brace cast fetish fetish medical orthopedic traction
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Brace cast fetish fetish medical orthopedic traction

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Nikonris 1 year ago
Lmao. Maybe?? I didn't even notice it until now!!!!??????
Moll 1 year ago
...and hundreds of thousands of Jews?
Akinosida 1 year ago
I am sorry you feel that way, honestly. It was intended to make you feel badly
Niramar 1 year ago
I agree the 1st question is worded too strongly. The appropriate question would be what I've already stated above.
Dojind 1 year ago
Can any of your assertions be verified?
Shakagar 1 year ago
Care to explain why you left out the Gospels out of "in some books of the Apocrypha, which heavily mythologized the narratives?"
Faull 1 year ago
I think everyone on here is ridiculous. The fact that trump knew the White House burned down in the war of 1812 and it had something to do with Canada is amazing.
Voodootilar 1 year ago
"Yet to most religious people these lines are unknown." -- Please provide proof for that claim. I find it difficult to believe that the majority of followers of Catholicism and Islam are not aware of the hell threat.
Maushura 1 year ago
Before that we would try to instill a sense of humour in you and the realization that you may not be as tough as you think. :)
Vumi 1 year ago
Also, breathing isn't even in the first Creation story in Genesis 1, so there is that, too.
Grolrajas 1 year ago
Because chance is irrelevant to past events. If you roll a single die and all land on six six times in a row... that doesn't mean the chances are now that you'll roll another six. Its the same odds as before. The difference is now the chance that you landed six sixes in a row was one of one. It has NO baring on future rolls. The odds of the next roll is still one in six that you'll hit six again. There is no chance that your past roll will not have been six sixes in a row. That already occurred. Chances are irrelevant for past events. They occurred. You are, as I pointed out confusing past and present tense and attempting to use it incorrectly. They are not interchangeable in this context but instead are irrelevant to what had occurred.
Kagagar 1 year ago
It created tribal purity standards. Your question is like asking "how did daily showering every catch on?" Tribal purity standards.
Zulugul 11 months ago
What facts show it is more likely than highly sophisticated systems randomly originating, and what makes you think there was any randomness at all. It was simple chemistry and amino acids naturally and chemically reacting to the changing chemical environment. That?s not random. That?s chemistry. It?s not divine or any other unseen magical force. It?s simple chemistry and the fact one or several reactions creates life among trillions of chemical reactions is not surprising given the fact the earth was a goldilocks planet.
Kajijar 11 months ago
Men under 6? by far
Tojajind 11 months ago
At the moment our cultural/biological model requires the burden of child-rearing falls mostly on women.
Yokasa 11 months ago
96 cans of Diet Coke for $20.
Musida 11 months ago
What awful human beings
Tojara 10 months ago
You misunderstand... The Bible has Jesus being born during the Census of Quirinius which we know happened in 6 CE... the Bible also has him being born during Herod's reign which ended in 4 BCE. They are mutually exclusive requirements and it speaks to the lack of history supporting the birth of the mythical Jesus.
Tygorr 10 months ago
And not on a Friday! Horrors!
Nashura 10 months ago
That's because we had machines that could do the work for us. We transferred who was doing the labour from people, and then decided that it wasn't right to have them as property.
Tot 10 months ago
I also think it's funny that the 1966 statement included, "There are no hypotheses, alternative to the principle of evolution with its "tree of life," that any competent biologist of today takes seriously."
Goltilkis 10 months ago
Go ahead and stay ignorant here
Kekinos 9 months ago
Just how are they doing that?

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