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Dillon selling virginity

Dillon selling virginity
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"I always thought this show was the best and still miss watching it....."

She moved her hand and touched it, stopped, and looked down. Hell, I had several hundred students this year alone.

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Dillon selling virginity
Dillon selling virginity
Dillon selling virginity
Dillon selling virginity

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Kagagis 1 year ago
So they are good with forced tissue and organ donation or are they hypocrites?
Jur 1 year ago
The last conversation we had with Enoch, I suggested we might want to get in the habit of telling him to get back in his burka when he got out of hand.
Shaktijar 1 year ago
She is already out of the church... They will find another reason and then another one until she leaves. Do not attempt to give her advice. just be there and listen. Let me guess... Westboro Baptist Church???
Zulkijar 1 year ago
the ndp will increase the PST, FOR SURE.
Shaktirr 1 year ago
How do you feel about according the Flat-Earthers the respect they are due?
Akikinos 1 year ago
I'm with you: I think it's more sensible to tax consumption than work or investment.
Kigajind 1 year ago
And we are organized to do what? What is your paranoia about? Are you afraid we might get tax exempt status? It would make me smile if this becomes a nightmare for you. You already know that we are much smarter than you.
Shaktibar 1 year ago
Again, those who think magicians use demons are the same mindset that brings us creationism, deniers, birthers, truthers, etc.
Shakakree 1 year ago
It's easy to deny the role of a being that can't be shown to exist.
Kicage 11 months ago
"When they write into law a word like "islamophobia" you don't consider that pandering?"
Mokree 11 months ago
But if he makes light saber noises, watch out.
Daigal 11 months ago
Oh I realize you cant fix stupid.
Narr 11 months ago
So you were not, for example, out promoting that anti-Muslim cartoon festival sometime back? You do not regularly rip Muhammad as being a child molester in order to put down Muslims? Your history speaks for itself.
Gule 11 months ago
Your "free and civil" society cannot be democratic. Are you suggesting to impose some habits upon people which they don't like? In a democracy people democratically decide what way of life they prefer.
Zumi 10 months ago
Unless the other person is also a masochist,
Nasar 10 months ago
I suppose you can look out a the night sky and comprehend the universe to a large degree. This is confirmation of what Christians are required to believe. What an atheist must believe is that there are 10^123 other universes besides our own despite the fact there is zero evidence that there is even a single other universe. Guess what, a million years from now, if you and I were here, we would still only know the one universe that you and I can see looking out at the night sky. Now tell me who has to believe in fairy tales, atheists or Christians? lol What a gullible buffoon.
Yozshubar 10 months ago
No one should. But if you do and it says the whole land knew about his miracles while he was committing them - what does that mean?
Zulkit 10 months ago
Not much of a test. I asked you how to contact your god, you gave me nothing.
Kakree 10 months ago
God says: "don't judge"
Kimi 9 months ago
Nope. My logic is that if there is a God that is omnipotent (very unlikely), then they must be a sadistic evil God to "design" a world with random indiscriminate suffering by choice, when they would have infinite alternative possibilities.
Kirr 9 months ago
have not seen him accomplish anything yet. but sure seems better than the last one and many of his predecessors.
JoJoll 9 months ago
OMG!! WTF?! Dirty filthy savages!
Sakus 9 months ago
If you want to make all kinds of assertions, why don't you post the links?
Kajijinn 9 months ago
You having trouble sleeping too?
Fezuru 8 months ago
To American Patriot!!
Mejind 8 months ago
so far gone some are.....:)
Gujora 8 months ago
as long as it's not from David Miscarriage. That guy scares me

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