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Bikini fitness supermodel

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She slipped in quietly, not wanting to draw attention to herself while she was still dressed up like she was supposed to be at an office. Go ahead, Dennis, do your worst.

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Bikini fitness supermodel
Bikini fitness supermodel
Bikini fitness supermodel

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Douk 1 year ago
Sorry beggerbond but the link is still there.
Bragul 1 year ago
So fleeing a war zone in Syria by coming to America means one is stealth migrating? What does the country you end up in have to do with whether one is a legitimate war refugee?
Duzragore 1 year ago
Not much of a coffee fan myself, however I will indulge from time to time.
Fenritaur 1 year ago
Were you as a Christian taught to take example from such people? Or were you taught that robbing, killing and raping is wrong?
Merg 1 year ago
Bah. In the scheme of things, is peer-pressure really a better reason for moral action than post-death investment returns?
Dujind 1 year ago
And you know this *how* exactly?
Grodal 1 year ago
I would lay down ten to one odds I hate the NDP far more than you do, so you lose. Not a leftie, never have been. But Doug Ford is a nightmare.
Zutaur 1 year ago
Sadly I have been predicting the same thing ever since the last election night. Trump may be an amoral conman with dreams of being a dictator, but enough people will fall for the con to give him a second term. Plus, he can always use the Venezuela strategy. The worse things get in the US the more he will blame outside forces for the problems and say he's the only one who can deal with them. Xenophobia plays well among his ignorant base. He has, and after the election this fall will still have, enough support in Congress to make impeachment impossible. He will kill the Muller investigation, and if necessary pardon anyone and everyone that may have been implicated. The Democrats have no one that can go toe to toe with Trump. The US is ****ed.
Akigrel 1 year ago
"Gays have job security, can live wherever they want"
Zulkilkree 11 months ago
I got caught up in the crooked part of her dark rooted hair... My eyes could not go any lower for at least 20 seconds...
Fenrikree 11 months ago
nah, it doen't hurt my faith one milligram.
Mazujin 11 months ago
Additionally, you kind of left out this part Mike.
Kijind 11 months ago
Was it evolution?
Bikini fitness supermodel

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