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"So how do you know you don't believe in something? All people operate on belief in some things.Some things are beyond the possibility of final proof. Such as compute to the last digit the value of "pi"."

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BANG Gonzo: Anna Bell Peaks Squirts All Over In Raw Fuck Session

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Strip girls pocker games Babes
Strip girls pocker games Babes
Strip girls pocker games Babes
Strip girls pocker games Babes

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Yosho 1 year ago
Well, yes it is. But then a lot of how the Bible is interpret is a bit of a stretch.
Akinomuro 1 year ago
"If you believe that the abuse is negated by kindness to others,"
Meztile 1 year ago
no...Darwin on knew it revolved around continuous speciation events. it was here the theory would truly fall or be confirmed. its not his fault you want to prop it up on imaginary constructed creatures without confirming the process works. it happened another way...gradualism and this continous small cumulative change is not how it happened.
Meztigore 1 year ago
How many times must I say this? Science has not shown one way or the other if there is a God or if God makes things happen. That means science has not reduced the ability of any God. Logic will tell us that there are many things unknown to us that we have no explanation for. Science drives us to find some explanation for the unknown. This has moved us forward because science doesn't say the unknown doesn't exist or isn't needed. That is why atheist that say there is no God are stepping backwards instead of moving forward. There may be a God out there just like any unknown. We don't know and science hasn't moved any closer to saying one way or the other.
Tygogor 1 year ago
When you write "argue semantics," does this encompass women being forced?
Grozshura 1 year ago
It's a bullshit article, and I've read it before. It completely ignores the criminal proportion of each population when dealing with the police. It also disregards the fact that the reason why there is so much more interaction with the police is the concentration of blacks in a high crime community. Such an interaction is the natural consequence of the situation.
Moogucage 1 year ago
Nothing better than coming home to the smell of <insert recipe="" name="" here="">.
Dukus 1 year ago
I wasn't invited so nah
Arashijind 1 year ago
@WayneDequer Normally we only allow one picture for an OP. But I'm good with these both being here. Have fun.
Vugami 1 year ago
Like the 'revolutions' in Syria and Libya? I covered that in my post.
Yozshut 11 months ago
If the democrats do not gain ground in the midterms the will party die. They need an overhaul or atleast a message. I have no reason to vote D...
Tusar 11 months ago
Mind as well retain and respect free will and the dignity every single person deserves because I think Mr. Stallion would be right, the species is doomed.
Gardataxe 11 months ago
Nice. Denigrate me rather than inform me why that's wrong. Of course... you can prove that something that has already occurred has some chance of NOT having occurred- right? Negate reality because? I suspect strongly, as I pointed out earlier that you may be looking to justify the fallacious fine-tuning argument. I'm I correct in that regard?
Gardajora 11 months ago
No one said you shouldn't speak.
Kigakora 11 months ago
If it's anything like Cobra Kai stout, y'all can count me out.
Moogujinn 11 months ago
If there is a creator I would question how intelligent it was, and how good it was.
Mooguk 11 months ago
How can you claim to like the history of other people that occupied that land, but don't care about Palastinians? That is contradictory.
Digor 10 months ago
Most are foreign troll entities, that serve their globalist progressive maters. They stick out like a sore thumb, when you challenge them or counter their child like comments.
Meztizil 10 months ago
Jesus didn't say that either. That comes from the vision or dream of the writer of the Book of Revelations - nearly 100 years after Jesus. You seem pretty invested in this "Jesus as terrorist" conspiracy.
Zulkitaur 10 months ago
On the latter I have been the one trying???
Zulkirr 10 months ago
A diesel engine can be understood by ANYONE with the desire to do so for is a mechanical contraption in the physical world... Same for the Reactor.....
Shaktiktilar 10 months ago
Thank you, so much, TS for sharing your journey. ?? My heart goes out to you and your wife. Im so happy you have found an accepting and affirming church who obviously realize their responsiblity to shepherd everyone equally. I hope you continue to follow my OP's as LGBTQ acceptance is my passion. You have a unique perspective that I appreciate. ???????
Vujora 10 months ago
There are a few of us here.
Zulkisida 9 months ago
I'm opposed to public proposals in general, except when in the company of only the closest of friends, and when the proposer knows ahead of time that the person will say yes. Otherwise, it demands that people pay attention to you and feign interest, as well as pressuring the person into saying yes.
Dokora 9 months ago
Or you could actually read my posts where I say exactly that you shouldn't use my credentials.
Ganos 9 months ago
With my luck I'g knock out his only remaining good
Samukazahn 9 months ago
I meet see feel smell taste and speak to god every day

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