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"Thats not how it works. People are stuck in rural areas because they are too poor and stupid to make it in the city. Those of us in the city will occasionally take a weekend to go into the country. Country living is cheap. No one would kill anything to like in a trailer. Sorry. I've worked longer than you have and I will never leave the excitement. Why would I want to be bored all the time? Right, I could never pic up cow shit and dig ditches. It's such a difficult job. Pffft. Who said I have a dead end job? My job takes me all over the world. You know, that place outside of your truck stop town. I couldn't imagine sitting around all day collecting social security. Everyday my career is different and exciting. There are much worse ways to make a living, thats for sure. Like digging ditches, Cleetus. Why would dI join the service? To fight what? Some bullshit war? no thanks. There is nothing worth fighting for. I've made something of myself and didn't need guys screaming at me and striping me of my rights. Hey, some people just need to be scared straight, like you. Everyone rural is prepped because you people are fucking stupid. Everyone laughs at you people. Don't you know that?"

I rinsed the soap off of myself and headed over to my towel to dry off. He growled, loving the feeling of his cock against his sister's pussy. Before she knew it her arms were back around him, this time with a greater and different kind of urgency than before.

step sister walked in on

step sister walked in on

Despite this, he didn't seem to resist when Lillian found a rag and poured water over it to clean his wounds. Why do I always get the blame. "And?" I asked. Then I nestled myself closer to his warm Domibation, and fell asleep. John stood in between her thighs and he was handed a tawse, a strip of leather about two inches wide.

"I thought you were amazing when you moved inI want us to be like sisters. Before your initiation, six weeks hence, you are required to have carnal knowledge of one member of each sorority on this campus.

But Ashley enjoyed this pain. Well her mother was a single parent, she had a poor-paying Dominatino, and they didn't have much money to spare.

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Domination free chat
Domination free chat
Domination free chat

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Vudor 1 year ago
So while you admit that while you don't know what atheists believe, Christianity takes less faith. And by the way, since when is disbelief belief?
Mizil 1 year ago
I think you'll know people by whether they are more concerned about the
Vilabar 1 year ago
I will take your comment as Lots of Laughs (not Love)
Gushicage 1 year ago
Of course genocide is immoral. How much of:
Kazit 1 year ago
No, I do not concede that at all. I think that anyone who believes something for which there is zero credible evidence IS delusional. There is just exactly as much evidence for gods as there is that the moon is made out of green cheese.
Shakinos 1 year ago
"And, just to get the picture clear: does the fact that it is a *resultant* vector mean that it cannot be instantly changed on a whim?"
Meztidal 1 year ago
Then educate me. How does that verse not say what it says?
Zulurn 1 year ago
I was referring to Colin Kaepernick
Kajitilar 1 year ago
1. Concrete was used in the ME centuries before Rome. The Chinese were building roads when Rome was non-existent.
Mikatilar 1 year ago
You need to calm your rhetoric down. There are other channels were you can spout off whatever hate you wish to partake in... this isn't one of them.
Voodoolrajas 11 months ago
that is when you dismiss it and move on, stop molding it to try and fit something it isn't.
Nikolar 11 months ago
If the existing calculations for probability of intelligent live existing outside of earth are deemed erroneous, at best one can conclude is that the existence of intelligent life outside of earth is UNKNOWN.
Kizuru 11 months ago
Your response is the arrogance of the crelated judging the creator.
Kazrajinn 11 months ago
Malar 11 months ago
None of them.
Voodookus 10 months ago
What is this supposed to mean?

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