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Are multiple orgasms dangerous

Are multiple orgasms dangerous
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"Do I have to respond in the form of lude questions for this "Double Jeopardy??"

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Are multiple orgasms dangerous

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Vudozilkree 1 year ago
Opposites attract. Yes, i definitely know couples like that. Smh
Mezilar 1 year ago
Na. Doesn't Phase us; not one iota. People who've heard about all those date-things from people like your kind - - - they're still trying hard to become Witnesses of Jehovah. Doesn't phase them either. They're onto people like you (Sensationalists); and they DISMISS your sensationalism.
Akikus 1 year ago
It's apparently what people think Freedom of Speech means
Kazrabar 1 year ago
I felt a bit like Jordan Peterson during that BBC interview after reading your comment.
Nikogore 1 year ago
He is gone in about 5 seconds, too.
Dagar 1 year ago
The "10 Commandments" are merely a SMALL PART of the Law Covenant made with Isreal. There were over 600 Laws they agreed to to govern their nation by.
Negar 1 year ago
The one you cling to, son.
Narg 1 year ago
If I am a pencil maker, and you buy some of my pencils -which you later insert into your victims skulls, killing them- I don't see that as something for which "Jesus would blame" me. On the other hand, if I knew and approved, yeah, I would be blamed.
Mezilkis 1 year ago
You?re not an American so stop lying about it...
Tut 11 months ago
God created all things in six days and then had a rest on the seventh.
Moogukinos 11 months ago
Sorry, Brother-in-Spirit, it's just an opinion...of course it is!
Tajar 11 months ago
Murder isn't always illegal. Sometimes it gets re-labeled as "justice", "defence" or "collateral damage". And not everyone agrees that it's wrong under this labels.
Meztigami 11 months ago
Definitely downward, although it did peak up with the optimism of Obama's 2008 win.
JoJor 11 months ago
You reap what you sow, I am only emulating you, if I am arrogant and obnoxious then It is from you.
Migrel 11 months ago
They tend to stop and never dig into the earlier traditions and spirtual insight that is the basis, torah. They see each as a seprate chess piece not a moving group. They would understand then knowledge and understanding had always been encouraged. They don't know this because it breaks down the argument, so its easier to call you or I a liar...than have intellectual honesty and find out unbiased. Those who live in internal warfare and continue the cycle.
Yojind 11 months ago
I don't see Trump fatigue and certainly not in conjunction w/Charlottesville. If you ever read the alt-right sites, you see them endlessly discussing the demise of white power and white ethnicity as the dominant demographic. They will never relinquish that as the basis of their platform.
Shall 11 months ago
CONS have to hope the LIBS don't go into the low teens.
Mezizragore 10 months ago
1. Don't care to prove neither exist. You are free to prove they do. I don't care about any rules of debate. Religious people sure don't. One can't win an argument playing by rules another side doesn't bother to. Gods exist? Bullshit they don't. Simple answer. If one doesn't like the answer then they should not assert lies. Or they can back it up. God belief is cultural indoctrination and is based on the human fear or their mortality and fear of the unknown. It is simply ignorant superstition.
Mikajind 10 months ago
She didn't melt. :(
Mezisar 10 months ago
Ok. No problem to me. Only to you. Because now you need to write the same things twice. But Christianity is not just about what you perceive. It is much more. We are actually Born again as Gods too. So we have another Character. That of God. Meaning we Live now the utmost live in having Characteristics that are totally fullfilling. Like Joy, Love, Peace, Selfcontrol, Wisdom, Grace, Glory etc. And a Godly Family on top of that.
Tojazil 10 months ago
Versus trickle-up economics practiced by Obama when the Big Three automakers were bailed out in 2009.
Shakakora 10 months ago
LOL!! Only my hot wife's... Only thing I hate is ignorance...
Kazrara 9 months ago
Mine was the stereotypical MIL. must skip a generation or two because my wife if wonderful.
Are multiple orgasms dangerous

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